Why Muzzle Brakes Deserve Our Undivided Attention

Most people will only appreciate the effectiveness of kinetic muzzle brakes but only if there is a requirement to frequently fire a .50 caliber rifle or any other firearm for that matter that is demanding recoil decline.

A leading official did not quite think that having a brake fitted to the barrel of his Winchester .50 could make any difference. The first time he pressed the trigger, he was all tensed up, expecting a true jaw-shaking encounter just like that of an elephant gun. To his amazement, his gun purred just like a pussycat as the recoil was not even as strong as it would be when pulling the trigger of a .300 Winchester.

Even though a portion of the effectiveness of the shot he took was because of the firearm’s weight since it weighed over 30 pounds, the muzzle brake which typically featured a wedge formation design deflected the gasses and carried the rifle forward thus deflecting it away from his shoulder. Efficiency may vary, but generally one can experience a 30 percent reduction in felt recoil. That, my friends, is awesome news.

On the flip side, by preventing the muzzle blast, the brake you have equipped would increase the rifle’s report and yield a cloud of dust. Other criteria are the loudness since it was found the acoustic strength of a firearm may maximize up to 10x more.

When in a fight, the muzzle brake would increase the sniper’s visual signature and sound. However, they can be minimized by deciding on an appropriate FFP (Final Firing Position) and either putting a cloth under the muzzle or wetting the soil.

At one point, a coach placed his friend’s cloak right before the muzzle to see what would happen, Once he fired his .50 the cloak fully disintegrated into one-hundred pieces. That is how effective the muzzle blast was. So, as you can see it does not consistently work.

Ideally, you ought to develop a muzzle brake where the gas needs to vent upwards.

This leads us to a different kind of brake known as the BOSS (Ballistic Optimizing Shooting System) that incorporates both a harmonic gun barrel tuner and a muzzle brake of which the second is angled. Even though it made a significant difference in the shooting experience of rifle owners who utilized a .308 and .223, it resulted in their rifles been acoustically troublesome to shoot.

There has to be a one of a kind connection between the harmonics and accurateness of the barrel. During 1915, a sniping officer told his men not to position bayonets on their rifles as the added weight would impede the vibrations and throw the shot of course by a couple of inches.

The thing is once you fire off a shot, the barrel of your firearm would tremble like a tuning fork and curtail the round once it transits and exits the muzzle. A widely known Browning engineer found a workaround by cutting off a bit of the barrel, which made him realize that he was, in fact, tuning the harmonics. It was then that he came up with the idea to attach an adjustable enlargement device to the muzzle and merely crank it back and forth maybe once or twice until he found the perfect harmonic length, which led to the creation the Browning BOSS harmonic tuner.

Rather than having to tune the load that leads to your rifle, you are tuning the barrel to the load. That sure will make a massive difference with regards to your shooting experience.

This brings us to an encounter with the M119, which is somehow a new type of large-caliber gun system. No doubt, this rifle would sharply reduce the weapon’s recoil, which is critical to the warfighter as it allows them to sustain a higher number of rounds fired in a day due to the LBOP (Low blast overpressure).

Without a shadow of a doubt, engineers were more than impressed by the decline in recoil as well as noise production that is associated with the gun.

In the Grants Pass, Oregon vicinity, muzzle brake MadHouse Design proudly presents newcomers with their very own recoil reduction engineered muzzle brake in the form of the TMB (Triple-port Muzzle Brake), which will take a shooter’s experience to a whole new level.