What to Do While Staying at Grants Pass Hotels

With more museums, art, and outdoor fun than almost any of the other surrounding cities – it’s no wonder millions of travelers find themselves heading over to gorgeous Grants Pass, Oregon, every year. But what if you’re arrived here, hoping to find a budget-friendly getaway?

Not a problem. There is still plenty of affordable and comfortable Grants Pass hotels in around the city’s top attractions, of which some of them are free.

Hotels in Grants Pass, Oregon offer visitors a wide array of accommodations, ranging from luxury hotels to motels with more of a natural, scenic backdrop and water features such as the Redwood Hyperion Suite. What is more, lush green forests and sandy beaches are not too far off. Needless to say, there is plenty to see and do.

Whether you are the rugged, outdoor enthusiast who prefers natural surroundings that include campgrounds, or something a little more upscale, Grants Pass is a popular holiday destination that attracts visitors travelers from far and wide. The city is teeming with so much to see and do, ranging from cultural activities to something more recreational, 365 days of the year.

Beautiful Grants Pass Has So Much to Offer

Grants Pass is such a lovely river town waiting to be explored. The captivating scenery is reason enough to make this city your next holiday destination. Then again there are vast opportunities for adventure as the area is termed nature’s playground. It is easy to see why, from exceptional dining experiences to remarkable shops, luxury abounds. Just by visiting, you’ll soon discover why people fall in love with the radiant charm and friendliness shown.

Hotels abound in the area, and the Redwood Motel itself is revered for offering luxury suites and a great place to experience one of the best bed and breakfasts. Special activities such as the Hellgate Jetboat Excursions is within a short distance and the fabulous Rogue River that has so much to offer travelers.

Things to Do in Grants Pass

Along with the top choice in motels, Grants Pass Oregon offers numerous activities that are designed for people with a taste for adventure. From river rafting on the Rogue River to mouthwatering cuisine at one of the famous eateries that abound in this city. Eating out over here is all about gracious touches and great tastes, made possible by fantastic flavors and fine foods, a great atmosphere, and ambiance. You get to celebrate your senses with delicacies and dishes from your classic hamburgers to authentic Italian cuisine. Stop over for a cup of coffee, a glass of wine or a delicious plate of anything your heart desire. Anything from hometown cooking to your favorite restaurant chain is available over here.

Water Activities to Enjoy

Grants Pass location and the Redwood hotel rooms means only one thing; you are close to the Rogue River where opportunities for water activities are plentiful. Wouldn’t it be super exciting to splash right into the Rogue River and kayak your way around, or even opt for something a bit safer such as getting on a rafting boat while being accompanied by an outfitter like Orange Torpedo Trips? You bet it would. Besides, the Rogue is famous for its mightiness and remarkable beauty in the form of picturesque landscapes and wildlife. You get to experience tranquil waters or rocking riffles on white water. The choice is yours entirely.

Other water activities include canoeing, jet skis, and more.

Activities On Land

Maybe you the kind of soul that would rather have your feet firmly planted on the earth, then something that has a flavor of nature would suit you better. After all, nature lovers have no trouble mountain hiking, embarking on cycling trails, horseback riding, and exploring all the various trails and forests have to offer.

If you are up for it in that you would love to see the very popular Oregon Zoo, then take a walk on the wild side by visiting Washington where you can encounter the fabulous Red Ape Reserve or African Rainforest habitat. Get a taste of what it’s like in the African Savanna and other great places where amazing creatures like elephants, big cats, and other animals originate from. Entrance fees for adults is $11.50, Seniors – $10 and young ones, aged 3 to 11 only pay $8.50

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