About Us

Climate change is the greatest challenge facing humanity, but we cannot see the root cause of the problem: the 80 million tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere every day.

The Carbon Quilt is a universal tool that makes greenhouse gases visible. It:

brings the abstract concept of a ‘carbon footprint’ to life

works on all scales – users can see the actual carbon footprint of a whole continent or a single light bulb

The Carbon Quilt is the focal point for a range of carbon visualisation services that will help society move towards a low-carbon future.

The Carbon Quilt web-tool

Carbon Quilt is one of several carbon visualisation tools developed by Carbon Visuals Ltd

It can show any amount of carbon dioxide in a number of different ways. The web-tool has been built with an API (application programming interface) that allows it to be incorporated into other websites and campaigns. Please contact us if you have a website that would benefit from this service.