Climatic changes areone of the greatest challenges faced by humanity. The root of such problem is not yet visible! Though we are aware that tons of CO2 emitted by humans are the root cause of pollution and climatic changes, the greenhouse gases are not visible.

The Carbon Quilt is a universal tool to make greenhouse gases visible. Carbon quilt is one of the several carbon visualizationtools and is developed by Carbon Visuals Ltd. It is the focal point for the range of carbon visualization services which would be quite helpful for society and a great move towards lowering carbon from environment in future. Carbon quilt shows the amount of carbon dioxide in the environment in different ways. Carbon quilt is quite meaningful and useful web tool that helps in monitoring, international negotiation, policy development and international negotiation.

Carbon Quilt uses computer graphics techniques which is scalable, fair and accurate. The leading advisory panels frommedia, environmental science, computer science andpublic policy supportCarbon quilt project. Carbon quilt is researched, designed, developed and funded by CarbonSenseand GovED Communication.Carbon Quilt has been built with Application Programming Interface-APIwhich makes it able to be incorporated with other websites and campaigns.

Carbon Quilt is a prototype version which can show the amount of carbon dioxide which is visible as a square patch on the carbon quilt. The visible patches make use of opacity for showing the depth which can be located at any place as well as country.

Carbon Visuals Ltd. has planned to launch the public-facing version which is guaranteed to be more intuitive and enable 3D visualization along with high functional features.

The incredible benefits of Carbon Quilt are as follows-:

  • It brings the abstract concept of Carbon Footprint to real life.
  • Carbon Quilt delivers scientifically accurate data as well as the actual size of GHG quantity.
  • Carbon Quilt works on different scales and allows people to see the carbon footprint across a continent or else from one light bulb.
  • Carbon Quilt holds the ability to show historical as well as future carbon emissions along with consequential temperature, sea level as well as other local and global impacts.
  • Carbon Quilt if is animated it can be used for sharing Carbon Story with others.

Carbon Visuals Ltd. aims to make a considerable contribution to the climate negotiations at Copenhagen with Carbon Quilt.Rather than communicating with the complexities of climatic variation, Carbon Visuals Ltd. visions to understand the contribution of humans in changing the environment of the planet and also aims to take initiatives to transform the view of society in regards to the need of low-carbon future. It’s not a policy or a web tool to improve the air quality but to detect humancontribution for environment destruction. Carbon Quilt offers a visceral sense of greenhouse emission scale. No doubt! Carbon Quilt is a great initiative for making the greenhouse gases visible and thus it is regarded as a universal tool for carbon visualization.